Federal Police seizes 10 million US dollars in cash at Tijuana airport

A man was detained at the moment he intended to pick up several sacks that contained 10 million dollars in cash at the Tijuana International Airport, Baja California. The legal provenance of the money could not be accredited, therefore, agents of the Federal Police proceeded to detain the man.

The National Security Commission (CNS) reported through a statement that the seizure was made at the point that allows the exit to the CREI Gate, where the federal police detected 31 white plastic sacks on a commercial airline  loading platform. As a man approached the area to collect the sacks containing US dollars bills of different denominations, he was intercepted by law enforcement agents.

However, to prove the origin of the cargo, the suspect presented an invoice letter that lacked the different codes for tax verification, in addition to not having the proper documentation of the company in charge of transporting the cargo.

The arrested man was read the Rights Book that Assists Persons in Detention and was later placed under custody of the Agent of the Federal Public Ministry, who will be in charge of verifying the origin of the foreign currency and determining its legal status.

TBP Newsroom

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