Rescue brigade Sunday, April 8 @ Lagunas de Mexicali

Mexicali must save its lagoons, it’s imperative!

The “Salvemos Las Lagunas” Citizen Committee invites all the cachanilla community to participate this Sunday, April 8, in a rescue brigade of the lagoons, which is basically an ecological and cultural one-day effort, that seeks to raise awareness among the local population about the importance of conserving the priceless natural heritage of Mexicali.

This valuable natural heritage includes a lacustrine system composed by three lagoons: Campestre, Mexico and Xochimilco, as well as by the Cucapa mountain range.

Since 2013, “Salvemos las Lagunas” has drawn the attention of the community and authorities to stop the pollution and ecological deterioration suffered by these important lagoons, its wetlands and surrounding areas, where native plant communities still survive and where a presence of wildlife cn be observed.

For more information about the event and the citizens’ initiative, visit:

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