Ex convict Ivan M. Riebeling published video threatening journalists and authorities

Refiriéndose a García, le llama "periodista chayotero". FACEBOOK / Ivan M. Riebeling

Ivan M. Riebeling, ex convict and member of the “International Diplomatic Corps of Human Rights”, posted on his Facebook account a video in which he launches threats against the journalist Odilón García from Baja California.

“Odilon García, you still do not end your dirty war, we all know that you are on the payroll of the governor and the municipal president of Tijuana,” Riebling says.

Riebeling claims that Garcia writes articles against him by order of the governor of Baja California, Francisco Vega de Lamadrid.

Faced with an alleged publication of Odilón García in which it is presumed that Iván Riebeling sexually abused children, the defendant said: “the only thing I am going to abuse is your ass, you bitch“.

In the video Riebeling refers to Raúl Reynoso Nuño, General Director of Social Communication of the government of the state of Baja California, and declares that he will not wait for the end of the administration, “as soon as I see you, I’ll knock your head off“. .

Referring to Garcia, he calls him “chayotero journalist” and threatens “I’m going to look for you at your own house and I’m going to take you out in front of your family and I’m going to kick your ass right there […]”.

Source: https://www.informador.mx

Refiriéndose a García, le llama “periodista chayotero”. FACEBOOK / Ivan M. Riebeling

Source: https://www.informador.mx/

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