La Guerrerense, mind-blowingly good tostadas with fresh local fish in Ensenada BC

There’s a lot of great food in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. Multiple restaurants in town, of course, and then there’s the nearby wine valley. Artisan foodstuffs paired with some solid vino.

But what would get me back to Ensenada, and did, is La Guerrerense. A simple food stand on the corner of a not-so-busy street. Know the saying “do one thing, and do it well”? Well that’s La Guerrerense. Mind-blowingly good tostadas with fresh local fish, made by hand on the spot to order. Simple ingredients blended to create explosions of flavors.

Tostadas @ La Guerrerense Ensenada BC (Photo: Forbes)

La Guerrerense was started in 1960, but it was Sabina Bandera, the daughter-in-law of the founder, that really put the restaurant on the map. Creating salsas and combining ingredients, she’s now quite literally world famous. She still works at the cart, along with her husband and sons. They also now own a nearby restaurant, thanks to the success of the humble food cart.

But let’s talk about the food. Oh, the delicious food. I can’t give you a taste of it, but …

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