Administrative negligence in Oncology at IMSS Mexicali


Oncology patients in the social Security Mexican Institute (IMSS) are not getting their chemotherapy treatment and other services due to what some of their relatives have called “administrative negligence” and this is what they said to THE BAJA POST:

“I am living this problem with my sister, in the Mexican Institute of Social Security there is a mess in Oncology, where the Specialist retired recently, she worked the morning shift and didn’t they didn’t formal hired the doctor that had been substituting for her, so he signs one contract after another and when they are over the patients are left days without a doctor”
“The oncologist of the afternoon shift was transferred to the morning shift, with her patients, and as of yesterday April 2nd, the afternoon patients will go to their appointments and treatments in the morning and those of the mornings will do it in the afternoon, affecting hundreds of patients”.
“And there is oncologist for the afternoon shift, so IMSS says that maybe in 15 days there will be one, but they are leaving the cancer patients with their treatments unattended and they are playing with their lives just for an absurd administrative negligence”.
“The patients and their relatives are very angry, they are very sick people and don’t deserve to be treated this way . . . .Do you believe that a patient that goes in a wheelchair in the morning is going to be able to change that routine overnight and go to the clinic in the afternoons?

“The same goes for the afternoon patients who now will have to go to the doctor in the mornings, they depend on others to attend those doctor appointments and their chemotherapies, you can go the Clinic and see the anger and discontent of those people, what they are doing is not fair”.
This is a testimonial of a relative of one of those patients who have been affected in the Specialty Clinic located on Lerdo Street in the second section of Mexicali

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