The brush that colors anguish, Fausto’s cold and blue painting



The brush with which Fausto colors his paintings is cold and reflects and transmits sadness, his chromatic palette is blue and he sends a message of seriousness, Fausto’s face would like to smile, but the blue color comes and the grayscale which turns slowly into black and then his happiness is over, because for him life is sad and that is how he feels and how he wants to show hi world through his paintings.

OUTCOME BEHIND CLOSED DOORS is Fausto\s exposition which was inaugurated March 20th in the hall of Cetys University Campus Mexicali Library, where his parents and schoolmates were there and saw a small collection of blue paintings where coldness and melancholy adorned the perspective, conveying a sad message that he’s willing to send, as well as a few touches of red that he wishes won’t make his work any warmer or happier.
Fausto has come a long way in art, even though he is only 19 years but he’s already a plastic artist veteran who has studied painting since he was 10 years old and now while he is his work, which he seems to draw a grin of smile in his face, which shows intelligence and the intention to paint and to express himself thru the composition of images and blue coloring that he enjoys.
Even if you don’t know which are the reasons for Fausto to see life in such a blue tone or sad mood, there are small red sparks in his paintings that would like to stand out and warm or grant a little happiness to his paintings, it might make Fausto a little happier if he succeeded projecting blue grayness and cloudy moods to the rest of the world.

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