State government activates protection mechanism for journalist Odilón García

MEXICALI, BC- Monday, April 2, 2018.- The State Government activated measures to protect Human Rights Defenders and Journalists, in favor of the communicator Odilón García, after he was threatened on Facebook, by Iván Riebeling , self-proclaimed Member of the “International Diplomatic Corps of Human Rights”.

The Secretary General of Government, Francisco Rueda Gómez, said that no intimidation will be allowed against Odilón García, or any other journalist from Baja California, who in the exercise of their profession, have been publicly threatened as was the case this weekend.

The state authorities contacted the journalist, to express that the protection mechanism for journalists had been activated, and that his complaint filed with the state authority will be followed up.

In the same way, the State Government contacted the National Commission of Human Rights, the State Human Rights Commission and the Ministry of the Interior, so that they would be aware of the threats made by this person to the journalist. Odilón García.

Press release by Gobierno del Estado de Baja California

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