Restoration of Mexicali lagoons will cost 13 million pesos only in the first phase

The Restoration and Rehabilitation project of the Laguna Mexico Park will cost 13 million pesos (830,000 USD) in its first phase, and will be ready for the month of June, authorities revealed.

Architect Elías Pacho, explained to the Environmental Committee of the Secretariat of Environmental Protection (SPA), the advances in this lagoon system rehabilitation.

The architect commented that it is necessary to implement the project in order to improve safety, health, environmental care culture, and family recreation in the area.

Among the first actions of the Mexicali Gran Visión AC Association, there were cleaning activities on the right side of the lagoon, surveillance and recovery.

Elías Pacho said that 2 thousand 180 tons of inorganic garbage such as tires, bottles, aluminum, iron, among others, plus 600 tons of debris were removed.

According to the representative, 5 thousand trees have been planted, a nursery was built, and a perimeter fence was restored.

Source: OEM

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