PRI files a legal complaint for alleged MORENA candidate electoral Law violations

The institutional Revolution Party (PRI) in Baja California filed a legal complaint against the National Regeneration Party (MORENA) and its candidate Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda, accusing her of electoral law violations, said Daniela Allende, campaign coordinator for Jose Lauro Arestegui, the PRI candidate for Federal Congressman District 02.

She said that last Friday afternoon this complaint was submitted to district Council of the Electoral National Institute since she considers that there was a violation in the equity for political parties, when last Saturday, candidate Avila posted a propaganda video of her inside the Baja California State University (UABC) facilities on her Facebook page where she is promoting her candidacy.

Allende underlined that MORENA candidate carried out electoral propaganda inside the UABC facilities, which is a public institution so her actions imply the use of public resources to promote her candidacy, “. . . .  she used the facilities of the UABC to brag about her professor status . . . “, said Daniela Allende.

MORENA’s candidate Avila was accused for failing to accomplish the Electoral Process Legal rules which are mandatory actions, and finally said that all these come as a surprise to het and Arestegui’s legal team since Marina Del Pilar as a lawyer and should have foreseen the problem that this promotion would bring to her campaign.

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