Legal claims against MORENA are only “dirt war”: Avila Olmeda

The PRI claims against MORENA for alleged Electoral Law violations are a reflexion of the great fear they feel before the advance of Morena said Marina del Pilar Avila Alameda, candidate to the federal Congress while Juan Manuel Molina, former member of PAN & MC, said that Jose Lauro Aréstegui has taken pictures and carried out electoral rallies in Baja California State University facilities.
Avila said that the warm reception people has been giving to MORENA candidates is no secret and she said that the PRI electoral team is frightened and desperate and that they are doing dirty work for the PAN since they can’t help but remain in 3rd place in the electoral polls.
On the other hand, Molina said that, as a matter of fact, this has been more advertising and publicity for Marina del Pilar rather than something harmful to her campaign.
He also said that the claim that PRI filed against Avila before the Federal Electoral Justice Court is only the beginning of what will become the Dirty War where accusations and disqualifications will be the theme of the day all over these three months.
Molina finally said that the other candidate (Jose Lauro Aréstegui) has used Baja California State University facilities to promote his image and candidacy, and it seems that this is only the beginning.

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