Maximum alert in Baja California: after attack on military convoy

Authorities of all levels in the state of Baja California were put on high alert when a group of armed men opened fire on a Mexican Army patrol that was approaching them on the rural road between El Hongo and Santa Veronica. None of the military resulted injured.

After the shooting, a general alert was activated in all the hospitals of Tecate, Tijuana, Mexicali and Ensenada, to report anybody with bullet wounds trying to seek medical help.

It was 7:50 pm when the Tecate Ministerial Police commander reported that the aid protocol between corporations was activated, because Mexican Army (SEDENA) personnel was attacked by a group of suspects with high-powered weapons traveling in a white Chevrolet Sierra pick-up truck and a blue Ford Explorer SUV.

The report stated that occupants were carrying long weapons, and were extremely dangerous.

The C4 Emergency Central was notified to activate the general alert in all the control centers and alert authorities of all levels, as well as to request the support of hospitals and the Red Cross to inform of any injured by firearm.

Personnel of CRM Tijuana reported the presence of three people injured by firearm in Colonia El Niño near a gas station, one of the injured got into a taxi, and got away. So far, the suspects are still on the loose.


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