Painting exhibition for the visual impaired: Humanism and art at their best


A group of Mexicali plastic artists, headed by Virinia Lizardi and Ruth Hernandez, presented their work in an exhibition for the visually impaired, a pictorial exhibition where tact and the company of another human being are complete each other in an unforgettable experience for all of us at the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

Several people, among them visual impaired, their guides, artists and visitors, gathered in Meyibó Wisdom Center of the Arts and Culture Municipal Institute of Mexicali (IMACUM), those who cannot see or who have health visual issues, were able to appreciate and feel the work of several painters through their hands and fingertips as well as by the description of their guides.

Bertha Sánchez, Lolita Villa, María Bustamante and a few other artists were there witnessing the manner in which they had created a whole new sensorial experience for those who are supposedly impaired to enjoy their paintings, it doesn’t get more emotional than this, great experience.

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