Los Cabos: a magical mix of Joshua Tree and the Hawaiian islands

If the town’s party image has given you pause, you’ll be pleased to know that the overly tanned spring breakers are fading into the background. Replacing the neon-colored drinks and generic mega resorts are fashionable boutique hotels, inventive craft cocktails, and a modern Baja cuisine that’s forcing travelers to sit up and take notice.

Just a three-hour flight from SFO, Los Cabos refers to the two southernmost capes and adjoining towns of the Baja California peninsula, the most recognized being Cabo San Lucas. Yet, much of the recent action—spurred by reconstruction following the devastating Hurricane Odile in 2014—is happening outside the famed party zone.

On the town’s outskirts and in the quieter town of San José del Cabo, you’ll find a happening, creative scene that’s well out of earshot of any Jimmy Buffett tunes. Plus, a cadre of inventive new chefs are yielding cutting-edge dishes that transcend the ubiquitous battered fish tacos. In Los Cabos, you can sample rare mezcals, sip regional craft cocktails, and enjoy local brews with no beer pong in sight. The destination is clearly having a moment with a Viceroy, Nobu, and Four Seasons scheduled to open this year. Here are our recommendations for the right way to do Cabo, right now.

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