He was not dead… just taking a nap

On Tuesday April 10, police officers from Mexicali arrived at the park located on Avenida Michoacán and Calle Mérida in Colonia Pueblo Amigo to corroborate the presence of a ‘body wrapped in a blanket’.

In the place they located a piece of carpet with blood stains that gave off a foul odor, which is why they requested the presence of agents of the Ministerial Police, acording to the web portal radiopatrulla.com

While waiting for the arrival of the ministerial police agents, they observed that the bulge began to move, and suddenly a man who identified himself as Raymundo Santos Leo, 40 years old, got up from underneath the dirty blanket.

The man apparently had infected wounds on different parts of the body, which is why he gave off such a bad smell.

Minutes later the individual was taken to the General Hospital for medical attention.

Source: http://www.uniradioinforma.com/

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