Criminals rob and burn down houses in Mexicali

In the early morning hours of Tuesday April 17, the Sández family suffered a tragedy, along with the Campos family and Mr. Luis from Colonia Pioneeros de Progreso, as they all lost their homes, their clothes, their heritage, all consumed by the fire, which apparently was provoked by known criminals in the area and who have already been attributed other similar incidents.

There have been already over 18 fires so far this month apparently caused by these criminals.

In the street of Coronado of this neighborhood, several fires have been provoked by thieves, that even when being already fully identified, are still on the loose, since municipal authorities have not been able to detain them and solve this situation.

“The association Ayudando a Mexicali, together with the community and the House of Culture of Progreso, which will be the collection center, are organizing a campaign to collect clothes, food, and other items to help these families.

Everything is welcome, a spoon, a glass, whatever peole can donate, which will be distributed to these families in need.

Fuente: OEM

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