Baja California Environment Protection Agency closed down a clandestine waste disposal center

Aiming to promote actions to diminish environmental pollution rates and improving the quality of air in Baja California, the State Government through the Environmental Protection Secretary and together with Mexicali City Hall, carried out an inspection and closed down a 12 acre surface empty lot wasteland which had been used illegally as a garbage collection center, not only for urban waste but also special management waste such  as tires and debris from construction sites.

The Environment Protection Secretary informed that there was a tire fire reported around Rancho La bodega, which also included a land extension which had been used as a clandestine waste collection center rancho so the inspectors searched for the spot and were able to investigate the names of the owners, as well as the correct address in order to carry out a cleaning operation to stop the air and ground pollution taking place.

That’s the reason why, on April 19th , auditors from the State’s environmental agency, carried out an inspection and made the owners accountable for the problem, and finally they took note of the circumstances in which the grounds were found and determined the probable cause of the tire fire.

The grounds don’t have any door or gate, wall or fence, so any one can enter without any restriction so trucks and other vehicles were constantly getting into the ground to dump and throw away tires, debris from construction sites and urban solid waste.

The Environmental Protection Agency of Baja California informed that, a few days ago, the tire fire produced smoke and other emissions which contributed to the air pollution, besides the ground contamination that prevails all over the surface of the mentioned site.

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