Immigrant Caravan finally arrives in Mexicali and Tijuana

Mexicali and Tijuana expect to receive more than 600 Central American migrants.

The municipal police of both cities will participate in the operation know as “Attention to the Migrant Caravan”.

In the shelters of Tijuana they do not have enough space, and for that reason they must be distributed in at least five other shelters, depending on the number of people arriving.

At the Movimiento Juventud 2000 shelter of this city, they are prepared with tents, clothes and food to provide a dignified treatment to the members of the Migrant Caravan.

Many of these Central Americans say that they were invited by their own relatives in the US.

The immigration authorities in Baja California announced the arrival of the Migrant Caravan, this Monday 23rd in Mexicali and Tuesday 24th April in Tijuana.

Most of these people are fleeing the economic situation and insecurity in their countries, starting the trip throughout Mexico to reach Tijuana and seek political asylum in the United States.

These caravans are constant every year, but in this case, due to the comments of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, a greater level of attention has been given to this group of immigrants.

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