Tourism secretary, Miguel Torruco, prospect visited Mexicali and San Felipe


“We reported tourism figures according to MORENA and we had them ready before the Federal Tourism Secretary and the Tourism Council and our figures are even more accurate and we dare say we are heading towards the 6th Place in touristic activity worldwide, said Miguel Torruco who would be the Tourism Secretary in case Mr. Lopez Obrador won the election next July.

“Nevertheless I remind you that the touristic statistics of a country are not measured by the number of people visiting but of the currency attracted by the country as a result of those visits, Mexico is in 32nd Place, and received 39 millions of tourists in 2017.

The average as a whole is what we should improve, said Torruco, all regarding the Tourist revenue because 80% of those people visiting Mexico focus on five destinations: Cancun, Mexico City, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta, but there are 134 places which might be tourist attractions such as San Felipe, near Mexicali, which have been abandoned or at least not taken in consideration.

It would seem that the Mexican Government sees only those five destinations as if they were the only ones, but it’s vital to pay attention to 134 touristic destinations with huge potential as vacation destinations, all over Mexico, such as San Felipe 120 miles from Mexicali.

There has to be a joint operation involving Federal cabinet secretaries, from health services and education to all the culture and tourism to avoid or stop what has been happening because there are fancy paradises are living next to misery slums, a regrettable difference, such as the one in Acapulco where we can see the Coast Line Boulevard and beach as luxurious and fancy and a few blocks from there are the so called “misery belts” where poverty hurts the eye.

So that was what Miguel Torruco said in his visit to Mexicali, he would be the tourism secretary in case Lopez Obrador won the presidency by election next July.

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