Donald Trump will shutdown the border to Central American immigrants


Looking for a better life, they have traveled thousands of miles. They cross Mexico to seek political asylum in the United States. Donald Trump says he’ll deny them access to his country and send them back to their countries or leave them in Mexico. Many of them have already fulfilled the consular requirements to enter the US but Trump doesn’t seem to care even when he is the President of the “free world and democracy leader”.

This week they passed through Mexicali, they were between 150 and 200 Central American immigrants who fled violence and poverty. El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras are their countries and better life conditions is their goal. Immigrant Hotel in Mexicali downtown hosted and gave them food, water, candy, medical service form Red Cross, Health Secretary of Baja California, State Family Service (DIF), City and Federal Police as well as several volunteers.


On their way to Tijuana, they told horror stories. A young man tells about being threatened by the Maras (gangs) constantly or even from the authorities. There are no jobs, wealth is confined to a few fortunate families and elite groups. The Government is corrupt and smothers citizen’s inn several different ways.


No health services, education where teachers aren’t even interested in doing their job. Central America is hell on earth. People don’t mind risking their lives trying to get to the USA crossing Mexico. They are looking for asylum, sanctuary, rumor has it those from El Salvador have asylum already approved. But there’s no concrete information.

There are more of them coming from the south. About half a thousand riding the train. The risk of crossing Mexico implies the possibility of being kidnapped, they risk all they have trying to get to the USA, where Donald Trump has already denied entrance to these people. He wants to leave them out of the American Dream that they desperately seek.

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