Leon “X” Mexicali Resiste militant and leader arrested for attempted murder


One of the visible leaders of the militant movement Mexicali Resiste, who now can only be mentioned by the name Leon “X”, was arrested for attempted murder, when he was leaving his house Thursday morning and according to sources of the State General Justice Attorney of Baja California they are expecting the initial hearing where he could be arraigned, to be carried out as soon as possible.

Can a social demonstration justify attempted murder? The question is still in the air since a day when Mexicali Resiste demonstrators and State and Municipal policemen were fighting to move the blockade on the road which leads to the construction site of the powerful transnational company Constellation Brands in Mexicali Valley, the access road had been blocked by the militants who say the transnational giant is going to deplete Mexicali Valley of its water supply.

Leon is one of the leaders of Mexicali Resiste, which is a social movement that has opposed to the installation and construction of the Constellation Brands Brewing plant in Mexicali Valley, and he thought it was a good idea to try to run over policemen with his car as part of the battle that was being thought in those moments and maybe he felt altered by the moment’s adrenaline and the notion that he was fighting a fair war against the overwhelming power of a mega Corporation such as Constellation Brands.

Nevertheless, within the battle where stones and other objects were being thrown by the demonstrators to the police and vice versa, Leon was recorded in a video which was all around social media, he can be seen getting on a white car and driving it towards State and Municipal policemen fighting against the Mexicali Resiste militants, something for which going to be tried attempted murder.

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