Make over labor in Centennial Plaza and giant flag pole in Mexicali

Mexicali City council and local businessmen worked together to in the rehabilitate the Centennial Plaza and the giant flag pole, located on Rio Nuevo Boulevard in Mexicali, said Jose Luis Garcia Chavira, Director of Mexicali Forrest and Zoo, and also in charge of the renovated Plaza.

Garcia Chavira also said that the flag will be raised every Sunday at 7 o’clock in the morning and it will be taken down every Saturday at six o’clock in the afternoon, he invited all Mexicali residents to attend the ceremonies every Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.
The flag was raced half the way on the flag pole to commemorate the death of Mexican Air Force pilots from Squadron 201, in 1945, during the last leg of World War II.
Garcia said that all rehab works, including painting the flag pole and buying two giant flags, the lawn was also renewed, and the fountain pumps as well as the engine which raises the flag, were repaired.
There were also six lamps installed, the fountains were repaired and there were adaptations done so they would work better and all the aquatic area was painted and all leaks fixed.
Air condition was installed in the police booth and surveillance cameras were installed and directly connected to the C4 Command Control.

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