BC Governor, Kiko Vega, got together with China ambassador in Mexico

Governor Francisco Kiko Vega got together with China Ambassador in Mexico, Would Xiaoqi, in order to renew the collaboration and swell between China and Baja California, mostly regarding economic development and to continue working hand in hand.
Attracting foreign investment to Baja California is very important because the more money comes to the State more jobs can be created and it’s vital to raise competitiveness of the industrial sector in Baja California.
As part of Governor Vega’s trip to Mexico City, he visited the Chinese Ambassador in order to continue fostering commercial and business relations between China and the State, since Baja is one of Mexico’s more attractive investment destinations.
China ambassador’s wife, Liu Ming, and the political counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Mexico, Mr. Wang Xiaoxu, were also at the meeting.

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