Mexicali Resiste’s leader arrest: Political move? State Secretary Rueda says “No”


The arrest and incarceration of Mexicali Resiste spokesman, has elicited several reactions all around the social media, due to an alleged “political imprisonment” of sorts, this version has been denied by State’s Government Secretary Francisco Rueda, but the Senate candidate and BC leader of MORENA, Jaime Bonilla deems the case “political repression”.






He was arrested for attempted murder last Thursday, a few weeks ago he tried to run over police officers, during a riot near the Constellation Brands brewing plant construction site, but now the next stage is May 8th court gearing, Tuesday morning, where Leon Fierro might go free or face trial from jail, all depends on Tuesday’s audience outcome.

“The fight is for the Water and Constellation Brands”, said Jose Fierro, who demonstrated with about twenty people  at Mexicali Civic Center, he said his son was a “political  prisoner” while Bonilla accepted sympathizing with Mexicali Resiste but denied giving them any financial support. State Attorney officials have also denied any political intentions in Mr. Fierro’s arrest and trial.


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