Baja California political parties don’t meet Transparency Law requirements


Political parties in Baja California are not meeting the legal requirements set by the Transparency Law, they haven’t updated their Internet web sites, as it’s mandated by the Law so they might have to pay a 12 thousand 090 pesos fin, according to President Commissioner of the Transparency and Public Information Access Institute (ITAIP-BC in Spanish), Octavio Sandoval López.

For example, only for the period of time from May to December, Baja Californian political parties will receive: PAN 25 million 235 thousand 313 pesos, PRI 16 million 611 thousand 220, Movimiento Ciudadano 7 million 637 thousand 266 and MORENA 12 million 833 thousand 747, besides extra amounts ranging from 758 thousand pesos for PAN, 494 thousand pesos for PRI, 219 thousand pesos for Movimiento Ciudadano and 378 thousand pesos for MORENA, according to figures by the Baja CAlifornia Electoral Institute.

These political parties haven’t updated their official web sites so the Institute has granted them 5 days to accomplish with the mandatory requirement of updating their Internet web sites, according to Articles 81 and 84 of Baja California State Transparency Law, even when they are financed with public money from the taxpayers, something that seems to be possible “ONLY IN MEXICO”, “first world” countries don’t give away money to political parties while Mexico an emerging and corrupt country gives those organizations tons of money.

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