Ivan Riebeling threatens judge who denied freedom to Leon Fierro

Threats an insults to the Judge in charge of the trial of Mexicali Resiste leader and spokesman, Leon Fierro, are the main subject of a video that has been posted in social media by alleged defender of Human Rights Ivan Riebeling, who had threatened journalist Odilon Rojas from Tijuana a few weeks ago, and now has given a 72 hour ultimatum to the judge, and consequently to the entire Judicial Branch of Baja California, to liberate Leon Fierro “or else”.

Mr. Fierro had been accused of attempted murder and the charges were downgraded to aggression but he will have to face the trial from inside jail, as the judge decided just two days ago in an arraignment hearing, this upset his fellows from MR who demonstrated outside the courthouse.

Ivan Riebeling is allegedly investigated by judicial authorities of Baja California, it has been said he is protected by federal authorities and he recently published a video where he insulted Governor Kiko Vega and now he does it again with insults and name-calling to the judge in charge of Leon Fierro trial, situation gets worse and he seems to be protected by some high ranked authority.

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