PRI candidate challenges Monica Bedoya (PAN) to submit personal information

Lauro Aréstegui, PRI Federal Representative candidate, challenged Monica Bedoya who is also a candidate but with the National Action Party to submit 3 out of 3 statement in which she must inform the people about her patrimonial status.

” I would like to invite PAN candidate, Monica Bedoya, to submit her patrimonial statement I am here waiting for her, I have already accomplish with it, and I think citizens in Mexicali are waiting for her to do it too, she has been a public servant, same as I have”, said Aréstegui.

Aréstegui is the PRI candidate for the 2nd District of Baja California, and he met the citizens’ requirement submitting all his personal, financial and patrimonial information, what Mexicans called his “three out of three” statement.
“We have made clear that we’ve met the requirement, our purpose is to serve our city and our state in the best possible manner “, said Aréstegui.

The Citizens’ Observatory of Baja California, has all the information about the candidate, testifying and guaranteeing that all that is stated there is true and the candidate would like the people to think that this goes to show his will to be transparent and his honesty, as a public officer and a Mexican citizen aware of his responsibilities.

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