CDEM is struggling to recover Constellation Brands’ 900 MD “reoriented” investment


“The protests and demonstrations against Constellation Brands are negative for Mexicali, an investment project of this size, and the fact that such a big company sets eyes on our city must be thought of as something good for the city, if there’s something we have here in Mexicali is water”, said Bernardo Martinez Aguirre, president of the Mexicali Economic Development Council (CDEM).
He also said that Baja California state and the Municipality of Mexicali are working together with the CDEM in order to do what’s necessary to recover the 900 million dollar investment which was reoriented to Ciudad Obregon by the brewery, “we won’t allow such a relevant investment as big as this one to leave, but: How can we offer a world class city when can’t retain investment?”

Martinez considered that there is too much  fake and misleading information in the Constellation Brands Brewery matter: “. . .  it’s false that we are a desert without any water whatsoever . . .”  and the council deems a small group of people’s protest and demonstration as an attempt to damage the city’s reputation, not against the brewery but against Mexicali.
“We must create well paid jobs, we should stop looking at ourselves as low pay labor facilitators and work to promote better salaries for Mexicali labor, better labor quality, thus retaining important investments coming to stay with a long-term vision rather than a temporal one, such as the Constellation Brands brewing plant.
Regarding Mexicali Resiste, Martinez Aguirre said that only a few Mexicali residents oppose to this investment and he has no opinion regarding Leon Fierro incarceration: “ . . .the decision is up to the judicial authorities and we are entrepreneurs and not judges, and we don’t agree for Mexicali to be labeled as a troublesome and problematic city”.

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