Different type of drugs cargo seized in Mexicali

Federal agents seized a shipment of several different types ofdrugs in San Felipe to the south of the municipality of Mexicali.

According to unofficial information, the police officers allegedly pursued the trafficker when they spotted his pick-up truck while they were traveling through the ejido Plan Nacional Agrario.

The man managed to run away in the dark but left the vehicle in which the federal agents found sacks, cardboard boxes and packages with plastic containers full of illegal substances, according to the preliminary versions.

Those same unofficial reports say that the insured drug consisted in more than 350 kilos of the synthetic drug known as “crystal”, about a pound of opium gum and one kilo of fentanyl, a chemical compound used in medicine as an analgesic, but in recent years it has been boosted as a recreational drug due to its morphine-like effects, just as it has claimed several lives due to overdose.

Source: OEM

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