Forty three journalists murdered in Mexico between 2012 and 2018


Juan Carlos Huerta he’s the fourth journalist murdered in Mexico in 2018 and number 43 since president Peña Nieto took office as President of Mexico, more than 100 journalists have been executed since the year 2000, bloody Millennium for Mexican journalism, one more corpse for the body count




The journalist hailed from Tabasco and now he’s part of the list of murdered journalist in Mexico, a country not officially at War but which has turned out to be as much or more lethal than others as Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria, where there are bloody Civil Wars being fought.Periodistas de Mexicali protestandoo por la muerte de Carlos Dominguez en 2017, una vez mas hay luto en el periodismo mexicano.

Huerta joins Carlos Dominguez from Nuevo Laredo Diary and columnist in the website Matamoros Horizon, executed April 13th Tamaulipas, stabbed more than 20 times; Leslie Ann Pamela Montenegro del Real a blogger murdered in Acapulco and Leobardo Vasquez Atzin from the journal Opinion de Poza Rica, Veracruz, who was shot dead as of March 21st.

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