Consuls of border cities meet in Mexicali

A delegation of more than 18 people, among these Mexican consuls from border cities and foreign businessmen, visited Mexicali to follow up on issues of binational interest.

The host was mayor Gustavo Sánchez Vásquez, in conjunction with representatives of Cetys University. Topics related to the economic development of Mexicali and the municipalities at the border, issues of migration, environment and progress of the Free Trade Agreement were also analyzed.

The municipal president stressed that the capital of Baja California continues to have a relevant leadership in the aerospace industry and medical tourism, among others, but acknowledged that if the FTA is not renegotiated in a favorable manner for the border municipalities, they should be prepared to face the worst case scenario.

“If for some reason the conditions are not what we expect, we need  a ‘B’ plan for the Cali-Baja region, (which is California and Baja California); and the Ari-Baja region (Arizona and Baja California),” said the mayor of Mexicali.

Source: 22 Ayuntamiento de Mexicali, BC


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