In a few minutes the second Presidential debate Mexico 2018


The streets surrounding Baja California State University (UABC) Campus Tijuana, the streets are closed since last Thursday, but demonstrators found their way to the first security filter for the Second Presidential Debate.

Organization by the National Electoral Institute, UABC and the “Estado Mayor” (Presidential Security elite squad) was good, good attention to accredited press, about 300 yards away, there were banners, red, yellow, blue, white, some partisan cheerleaders managed to get a little closer the nationals leaders of PRD and MC (two “small” political parties which go in coalition with a bigger “dude” which is the National Action Party, arrived as did many other honor guests.

The candidates were arriving in a runway of sorts and whole hundreds of journalists, photographers, news anchors and more, tried to get a good picture of the men who in a few minutes will be tearing each other apart, aiming to beat the others and become the next Mexican resident.

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