Fire leaves Mexicali family without a home

A family from Mexicali’s colonia Baja California lost everything they owned due to a strong fire that occurred on Saturday May 19, and despite the size of the fire, no fatal victims were registered.

A call was received to the command center C4 on Saturday morning, which indicated that a strong fire was occurring on the streets of Bahía de la Soledad and Oaxaca of the aforementioned , so that units of the The Fire Department of Mexicali, the Municipal Public Security Department (DSPM) and STEM Mexicali ambulances approached the site.

They have not lodged a complaint in the hostel
When they arrived they noticed the big calls that came from the house, so they started the actions of fire fighting, while the paramedics attended four people, including a minor, who managed to leave the house on time. and only had minor burns in different parts of his body.

Firefighters worked several hours to extinguish the fire, which until now is unknown its origin and for which the corresponding authorities will conduct the necessary investigations to know the origin of this incident.

Source: OEM

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