Second presidential debate: No one wins, Mexico is a hopeless shipwreck


The second Presidential debate Mexico 2018 started intense, talking about Foreign Policy, NAFTA and mentioning Trump and his attacks against Mexico and Mexicans, apart from that Anaya and Lopez Obrador seem to have a feud going on and hate each other, while José Antonio Meade looks like a sad puppet who talks and talks from his wishful thinking mind, while Lopez Obrador changed and improved a whole lot, compared to what he did and said in the first debate.

Name calling, protection for Mexican immigrants and Mexican, Lopez Obrador promised the diplomatic offices will become Human Right Attorneys of sorts, he said he wants a friendly relation with the USA “but we won’t be submitted by any other country” and promised a Government who represents the poor and the rich, and not to do what the PRI has done with high fuel prices.

Lopez Obrador already talks as President it would seem that he is confident he will win next July first Presidential election, Bronco Rodriguez, independent candidate repeated as much as he could, that partisan politics is financially killing Mexico’s economy with more than 12 billion pesos of public (taxpayers) money.

To make Chiapas a “California” of sorts in Mexico, says Bronco Rodriguez, while Anaya says it is difficult to negotiate with the USA, multilateral organizations can make the difference, “we will defend the national interest” said Anaya, while Meade praises himself regarding his work as Foreign Relations Secretary, a whole spectrum of questions and subjects, there were moments when the moderators seemed to be part taking in the debate as debaters.

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