Independent Mexico’s presidential candidate visits CETYS University Campus Mexicali & Tijuana

“Dialogues for Democracy” is a program that CETYS University opens its doors in 2018 to the diverse political actors immersed in the current Presidential electoral process, so the students and teachers can be able to hear the voice of different political projects which aim to change Mexico’s path in the next six years.

Mexicali and Tijuana Campi received Jaime Rodriguez, AKA Bronco, one of  the four candidates to Mexico’s Presidency and the only one participating as independent in the electoral process, who talked about the motives of his candidacy and his proposals, on the road to July 1st election.

“To have privileges implies a social responsibility, helping Mexico and make it a better place to live, that is the role of Mexico’s youth in this country”, shared Rodriguez with students during his speech, emphasizing that “If we allow everything to remain the same, we won’t definitely be able to say that we live in Mexico”.

This sort of activity was created and forwarded by CETYS Dean, Dr Fernando de Leon Garcia, aiming to foster academic, intellectual growth as well as promoting a critical conscience  among the students by telling them “HOW and not WHAT to think”, said Dr. Alberto Garate Rivera, Academic Vice Dean of CETYS University System explained.

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