Mexicali International Airport Mexico’s leader in air traffic growth

Improving the connectivity of Mexicali to new aeronautical routs was the central subject of a meeting, between Mexicali Mayor Gustavo Sanchez Vazquez and executives of the Pacific Airport Group (GAP in Spanish) and representatives of the Conventions and Tourism Committee of Mexicali where they discussed several actions to promote the growth in this sector for Mexicali.

Sanchez Vasquez informed that Mexicali is one of the most competitive cities in this sense, it’s in the middle of the biggest market in the world and pushed forward by the entrepreneurial, medical and touristic sectors, according to figures of the Directors of GAP: Tomas Ramirez, Commercial Director; Carlos Charpenel, Commercial Network Development Manager and the General Director of Mexicali Airport, Eduardo Contreras Mora.

Mexicali Airport will be in 2018, the one with the biggest growth at a national level, with one million travelers, a 48% development compared to 2017 and for each 100 inhabitants of the city there are 36 air passengers arriving or departing in domestic or foreign flights and the aircraft fleet giving service, will grow considerably the next 10 years.

The direct flights to cities such as Monterrey Culiacan Morelia and La Paz have incremented in order local to offer users more alternatives to travel, finally the Director of Mexicali Airport said that each flight impacts annually with 23 million pesos for the destination (Mexicali) and from 2011 to 2017, air traffic in Mexicali as a destination has growth an average of 8.5% and of the 30 most important Mexican airports, Mexicali is the terminal which will grow more in terms of seats during 2018, with direct flights to seven routes which is more than double of what Mexicali had three years ago.

As part of the meeting, there were mentions of probable destinations such as Cancun, Toluca, Los Cabos, Leon-Guanajuato, Los Angeles and Phoenix, and there are plans for flights to Chicago O’Hare Airport in order to consolidate Mexicali connectivity with important National and International destinations.

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