Mexicali B.C. May 23, 2018.- Engineering students from CETYS participated in an international program at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) with the objective of developing multidisciplinary projects based on engineering that contribute to sustainability.

A total of 18 students from all the engineering programs offered by the CETYS System visited the facilities of the UTRGV, where besides receiving talks and lectures from the academics of this American university, they toured the engineering laboratories of the Edinburg campus in the state of Texas, activities that allowed them to develop prototypes and multidisciplinary projects together with students of the UTRGV with the idea of ​​collaborating remotely.

“The aim is to strengthen the training of students by collaborating in projects of a multidisciplinary nature, in cultural conditions different from those they normally have and with the opportunity to continue working together. This gives them very useful skills fir their professional life and of course, they can also practice and improve the English language, “said Dr. Isaac Azuz.

The multidisciplinary projects revolve around automation, energy efficiency systems, life cycle analysis of products, processes or systems, energy efficiency, calculation of water footprint, calculation of carbon footprint, optimization of water use, as well as the possibility of generating ideas and designs of products or systems that contribute to the achievement of sustainability.

For the student Fernando Andre Romo Hurtado of the sixth semester of Industrial Engineering at the Campus Mexicali of the CETYS, to be part of this program was a great contribution for his training as an engineer, “it is impressive how in a week you can develop a project and leave from your comfort zone, seeing how things are done in other countries in this case in the laboratories of the UTRGV helps you broaden your vision and relate the theory with practice ” Fernando said.

Finally, the academic, Dr. Isaac Azuz, who is in charge of the program together with Dr. Dalia Chávez, highlighted the support of Dr. Noe Vázquez from UTRGV in the local coordination of the program and especially in the direction and conduction of this program, as well as the experience in the creation of designs and prototypes.

In addition, the CETYS students learned about the importance of sustainability in the field of engineering, and now they are expected to be able to develop prototypes that are useful and contribute to sustainability.

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