Electoral debate in Baja California State University among District 02 candidates


The State University of Baja California (UABC) was the stage where the candidates for the Second District, where MORENA (a party that had not attended other debates) was present, PVEM (environmentalist party of sorts) and PANAL (which is the teacher’s union party) were almost invisible to the audience, so PRI and PAN caught all the attention in the UABC Information Center third floor with Lauro Arestegui (PRI), Mónica Bedoya (PAN), Alejandra Serra (PVEM), Marina Olmeda (MORENA) and Miguel Angel Estrella (PANAL).

The candidates that stood out beyond the others were: Lauro and Monica, who both showed their experience and knowledge regarding this kind of electoral showcase events, before an audience conformed mostly by UABC students who follow every moment with utter attention.

The debate mood was of tranquility in the beginning, Serra was clearly nervous since she’s an absolute beginner in this sort of electoral competition an overconfident Olmeda who seems to feel like she’s riding the “AMLO wave” acquiring a soberb and self-sufficiency grin an attitude that has been growing inside her and Estrella (PANAL) was almost invisible.

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