Marihuana dealer who sold it on Facebook was arrested in Ensenada

An Internet virtual surveillance task force which the State Preventive Police of Baja California carried on in Facebook, resulted in the arrest of a suspect who allegedly sold marihuana through Internet’s social media.

The operation took place in Ensenada where PEP officials located the suspect on Riveroll and Ambar Avenues crossing, when the Police units approached him, the alleged drug dealer got nervous and threw away a brown paper bag.

His name is Mario Eduardo “X”, 24 years old, who was carrying about 82.2 grams of green herb, seemingly marihuana, which he had been peddling through the Internet’s most popular social media: Facebook.

The Preventive State Police and the Public Safety Secretary of Baja California, invited the public to report any cyber-crimes such as: Identity or information theft, drug selling, fraud, child pornography, malware sites and other risks to cybersecurity, to the email or dial 089.


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