4,900 new professionals graduated from the UABC

Mexicali BC, Wednesday, May 29, 2018.- 1,908 Cimarrones of the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC) of the Mexicali Campus attended the graduation ceremony, which was chaired by the Rector, doctor Juan Manuel Ocegueda Hernández.

“With this event we deliver to our society a generation of Cimarrones that are added to the more than 165 thousand UABC graduates. Nowadays the level of progress in Baja California can not be explained without the contribution that the UABC has made of high-level human resources, contributions in the field of scientific research, community development, the diffusion of science, culture and art, as well as support for vulnerable social groups, “said Dr. Ocegueda Hernández.

He exhorted the young people to continue with their postgraduate studies to guarantee a better standard of living and to complete their degree process as they should.

Likewise, he invited them to be grateful to all the people who directly or indirectly supported them to complete their undergraduate studies, and to be supportive and empathetic with society and their needs, corresponding to the support that this gave them to be trained professionally in a public university.

Source: UABC

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