Baja California state government reports on the large network of channels that make up the Colorado River irrigation district 014

SEDAGRO-Red de Canales

MEXICALI, BC- Tuesday, May 29, 2018.- Given the importance of water supply and its management for agricultural use, the Baja California State Government, through the Ministry of Agricultural Development (SEDAGRO), released a report on the network of channels of the Mexicali valley.

Through the Hydro-Agricultural Infrastructure Directorate of SEDAGRO, it was said that the Irrigation District 014 Río Colorado irrigates 86% of the Mexicali Valley, and 14% of the San Luis Río Colorado Valley, with a network of channels 2,718 kilometers long, which brings 1,850 million cubic meters (MM³) of water from the Colorado River, and federal wells.

This water is delivered to the users, through 22 irrigation modules, and based on the authorized crop certificate, by means of a request to the Irrigation District S of RL, to the National Water Commission (CONAGUA ), and the International Commission on Limits and Water (CILA).

It was reported that the operation and conservation of these works is the responsibility of the 22 civil associations of users of the aforementioned modules, and which have been granted 2,278 kilometers of channels of a “minor” network; and 293 kilometers of channels of a “major” network. CONAGUA is responsible for serving 148 kilometers of channels.

SEDAGRO-Red de Canales

This network is one of the longest and most efficient in all of Mexico.

The state agency mentioned that an important work on the cleaning, maintenance, rehabilitation and modernization of these channels has been carried out through decades, so that the water can reach the producers of the Mexicali valley efficiently; therefore, the State Government will continue with the corresponding actions to serve the farmers of Baja California.

Source: Gobierno del Estado de Baja California

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