Employment Expo inaugurated at the UABC Mexicali Campus

An Employment Expo was inaugurated at the UABC Mexicali Campus, in which nearly 2,000 vacancies were offered by 48 companies in the sectors of commerce, industry, education, government and services, in order to provide the graduates of the UABC, as well as the general public, a wide range of job opportunities.

During the opening ceremony of the Expo, the Rector of the UABC thanked the participating companies for opening job positions for young graduates of the UABC, and assured that they have the skills and knowledge to make important contributions to these important firms, which will result in the progress of the region, the state and the country.

He mentioned that according to a study of graduates made last year by the institution, it was identified that approximately 8 out of 10 young people who graduate from UABC, manage to be employed in the course of 6 months in some activity related to their profession, and that 50 percent of them have a job even before graduating.

“This has been possible because in addition to the Employment Expo we have a set of activities part of an effort to help the students spend more time in the workplace and less time in the classroom,” said the Rector.

He highlighted the online job board and agreements with important workplaces at national and international level, as well as the Cimarrones Emprendedores incubator initiative, that during this rectorial administration have been able to constitute 412 companies that today are duly registered and operating.

Source: UABC

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