Mexico’s 2018 poll-election: Stinky, rotten democracy charade


Election 2018 has turned into a giant poll or a series of tiny polls.
Cheers for the current poll leader, first place, big kahuna, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO).
Form the first “campaign” month (or even before) AMLO is winning in the polls.
His partisan buddies state that it is useless to carry out the election, he has already won.
The polls have turned into EXECUTIONERS or HANGMEN in a dysfunctional democratic process.
Millions of pesos spent to support political parties which have become family businesses of sorts.
Millions gone to pay for a surrealistic and unfair political system, expensive democracy, cheap voters.
Electoral authorities, thru their President Lorenzo Cordova, are worried about social unrest on July 1st.
PAN (National Action Party) fades to black and former Prez Calderon spits against the wind.
He says that Anaya (PAN candidate) breaks unity within the party but forgets what he did 6 years ago.
On the other side, PRI (Institutional Revolution Party) goes on with its ZEN strategy OPERATION 18.
Young PRI leader says that it is a flawless strategy which will grant them the 2018-2024 Presidency.
Meanwhile the PAN slowly goes off, MORENA (AMLO’s party) grows, confident in an overwhelming win.

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