State Police of Baja California has executed 144 warrants in 2018

As a consequence of strategical operations, the Preventive State Police (PEP in Spanish) of Baja California informed that one hundred 44 arrest warrants have been executed against national and foreign individuals.

Several areas of the PEP by means of an intelligence strategy and operations which allowed them to locate and arrest people who were running away from Justice who intended to hide in Baja California.

These arrests took place between January 1st and May 25th, as a result of intel work as well as citizen’s participation dialing 911 or 089 to denounce crimes and illegal activities, as well as the information exchange with state Federal and Municipal Police organizations.

Mexicali: 56 national warrants and17 foreign warrants.
Tijuana: 22 national warrants and 11 foreign warrants.
Ensenada: 21 órdenes de aprehensión nacionales  y 3 foreign warrants.
Playas de Rosarito: 7 national warrants and2 foreign warrants
Tecate: 3 national warrants and2 foreign warrants.

The main crimes for which these people were accused where robbery qualities, murder, drug-related crimes, forbidden weapon possession and aggression the state preventive police half I state of force you did all over the state 24 hours a day and 365 days a year and they fight all sorts of crime

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