A harvest of more than 100 tons of shrimp is expected in the Mexicali Valley

The production of farmed shrimp in the Mexicali valley could reach a figure of more than 106 tons this year.

Authorities of the Secretariat of Fisheries and Aquaculture of the State (SEPESCABC), indicated that 18 units of aquaculture production (UPA’s) of shrimp are participating in the present planting cycle on a surface of 35 hectares containing more than 12 million larvae of the crustacean.

The shrimp fattening season in the Mexicali Valley, goes from May to September, and its main market is local and in other states of the Mexican Republic, representing an average annual income of 10 million pesos for the state economy.

It should be noted that shrimp farming is a complementary activity of agriculture and livestock, and has become an alternative economic source for dozens of families settled in the desert area of ​​the Mexicali Valley, with proper management of water resources.

Source: https://www.lavozdelafrontera.com.mx

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