”Ladder” to cross illegally from Mexicali to Calexico placed on new fence

Mexicali.- Despite the fact that the Government of the United States replaced the metal sheets of a section of the border fence between Mexicali and Calexico, increasing its height, this was not an obtacle for those who seek to cross over to that country without documents.

The first handmade “ladder” designed especially for this purpose has already been placed.

One of these “ladders” was placed during the early morning hours of Saturday June 2.

Created with thirteen welded metal rods, thies “ladder” is joined in several segments with a kind of hinge that makes it more flexible, and easier to move. It also has rags tied up, perhaps to allow to be detected at night.

It was anchored in a transverse upper bar, of the heavy metal bars that form the border fence of 9.3 meters in height (29 feet).

The length of the staircase is around 5 meters and although it is discreet it did not go unnoticed; it can be observed from Avenida Colón Poniente, near Mexicali’s periférico Gómez Morín.

The fence is still under construction, previously there were sheets that had a height of 5.5 meters, the difference with this new fence is almost 4 meters higher.

Source: OEM

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