Baja CAlifornia State University will accept 22 thousand new students of 32 thousands applicants

Approximately 32 thousand 800 people submitted the Admission Exam for the Baja California Autonomous University (UABC in Spanish) according to the Students Services General Coordination and Dean Juan Manuel Ocegueda said that only 22 thousand 500 will manage to be accepted, and assured that this figure is, by far, bigger than most of the State Universities all over Mexico.

“We are among the three or four Mexican Universities with the highest number of students accepted” said Dean Ocegueda and said that UABC will keep the effort to accept as many students as its capabilities allow the university.

WE want to continue granting the students educational opportunities since it’s one of the best strategies to fight the problems that affect Mexico, the UABC will host 11 thousand students in its Mexicali Campus, 16 thousand 222 students in Tijuana and 5 thousand 500 in Ensenada Campus, the schools with the highest demand are: Medicine, Odontology, Engineering and Administrative Sciences, the results of the Admission test will be available in June 18th

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