Centinela-La Rumorosa highway repairs advance fast, Director advises caution


The Highway Centinela-La Rumorosa Trust (FIARUM in Spanish) reports a 52% advance in the road repair and sealing works in the aforementioned highway according to FIARUM General Director, Rodolfo Valdes Gutierrez, who said that there are eight road sections where the rehabilitation is being carried on, aiming to keep the road in the best shape possible for the drivers safety and comfort.


The works are being done in both parts of the highway (upwards and downwards) in 22.45 kilometers of renewed surface this year, financed with part of the income of the Poll booths where 3 million 500 thousand drivers pay and pass thru every year.

Valdes invited the drivers respect the signals and not to exceed 40 km/h in the works area, to guarantee theirs and the drivers’ safety, he also advised to plan long travel times since traffic might turn slow in the repair areas.

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