”I will support Baja California commerce and industry”, Juan Ramón López Naranjo

Fostering and giving impulse to Baja California qualified labor force is an important part of the State’s development for Juan Ramon Lopez Naranjo, District 07 candidate for the Federal House of Representatives by the At the Front with Mexico Coalition which is formed by three political parties (PAN-PRD-MC), as he said when he visited two important companies, Quality International Service (QIS) and Argel Olive.

During his visit to QIS in Tecate, he witnessed the excellent quality of the company’s labor force, and the product they manufacture there which is a relevant piece for tactical backpacks used by the FBI and the American armed forces, confirming that Baja Californian human resources are of top notch quality and send their production to distant places in the world.

Lopez Naranjo assured the workers that he has the solution and experience to solve the problem of the so called “chocolate cars “which affects Baja California families and which will be a permanent task for him in case the people’s vote takes him to the Federal Congress, as well as another hurt still bleeding all over the Mexico-USA border region, which is the Added Value Tax (IVA in Spanish) raise that President Peña operated through a majority agreement with several parties in the Legislative Branch, a decision that has harmed both industrial and commercial sectors all over the Northern border.

Finally, Lopez Naranjo visited Argel Olive where he saw the excellent job they do there, planting olive trees which generate high quality, exportation products, such as olives, olive oil and several others, so Lopez Naranjo has undertaken the assignment of supporting, fostering and strengthening commerce and the maquila sector of Baja California once he gets to the House of Representatives in Mexico City, propelled by the people’s vote.


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