Mexicali Resiste militant detained in Calexico and deported to Mexicali

With information from COLUMNAOCHO

Trying to cross the border to the USA was his mistake, Jorge “X”, militant of Mexicali Resiste was detained by USA authorities when he was trying to enter the USA through the east border crossing in Mexicali, not considering that he has outstanding legal issues with Mexican Justice and that trying to get into the American Union could be a problem for him, showing he was overconfident regarding this subject.

Customs authorities took his Visa away and he was detained and should have been deported to Mexico last night or today early morning, through the main border crossing, while his fellow Mexicali Resiste members must be careful and not try to cross the border to the USA while they are free but under trial in a Mexican Court.

Mexicali Resiste seems to be clinging to the past January 2017 when thousands of Mexicali residents took the streets and protested against many things such as fuel prices, water law, Constellation Brands, and still believe they represent all those people, when reality is very different and they want to believe they have the representation of those thousands of people who marched almost a year and a half ago.

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