Mexicali Resiste militant deported from Mexicali, was released by local authorities

MEXICALI.- Jorge Benítez, member of the Mexicali Resiste Movement, was arrested on Thursday June 7, by North American immigration authorities when he tried to cross to Calexico, California, through the international Garita II of the State Capital.

The activist was transferred from the eastern border to the international bridge of the city center, he was detained for just over 5 hours.

This Friday JUne 8, the activist went to the Justice Center of the South Street, to appear at the hearing on the complaint he faces for injuries and damages in property of others, presented against him by the congress representative, Rocío López Gorozave.

Before the start of the hearing Benitez said that US agents informed him that he was detained in response to a red alert issued by the US embassy.

Although they did not inform him what prompted the alert, he heard that the officers commented that it had to do with the Constellation Brands case.

“When I was already there they sat me on a bench without handcuffing me or anything, I heard a conversation at a distance between several officers who say Constellation,” he added.

Since the construction of the brewing plant of the Constellation Brands began, various civil resistance organizations, including Mexicali Resiste, have carried out protests and demonstrations against the arrival of this transnational company.

Jorge Benítez assured that the North American authorities acted in collusion with the Government of Baja California, accusing the Secretary of Government, and the federal representative with license and candidate to the senate Gina Cruz, among others.

“The red alert that issued against me, is a form of repression by Andrés de la Rosa Anaya, David de la Rosa Anaya and Daniel de la Rosa Anaya, and also Gina Cruz the current Senator who is a deputy Licensed wife of the Secretary of Government (BC) Francisco Rueda that Vandal, Palaco Cholo, are behind all this repression, “concluded the member of Mexicali Resiste.


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